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NinevehGL is a 3D engine forged with pure Obj-C.
The NinevehGL's history and future


Version 0.9.3 : Tue, Feb 21 2012
  1. Full Multithreading:
    • Full and real multithreading behavior;
    • NinevehGL works on private threads, letting the main-thread free;
    • Loading and Parsing of 3D files are made asynchronously and don't interfere in the render cycle.
    • Loading/Parsing threads can send notifications about its progresses;
    • NinevehGL automatically creates and manages its threads.
  2. AR Ready. The Qualcomm AR is now natively supported by NinevehGL. Perfect integration;
  3. The NinevehGL's old limit of ~120.000 triangles per mesh is improved to ~4 billions;
  4. The NinevehGL accepts non-POT textures and there is no size limits anymore;
  5. New features on NinevehGL Tween API (NGLTween);
  6. New Tutorials and Sample projects;
  7. New installer. NinevehGL has now Xcode 4 templates;
  8. Lens methods on NGLCamera has changed;
  9. Many methods on NGLMesh has changed;
  10. More rotation options to all 3D objects
  11. The antialias filter has now a global property;
  12. Bug fixed on Retina Displays;
  13. Bug fixed on armv6 architecture;
  14. Bug fixed on NGLTween pause;
  15. Bug fixed on Alpha blending (PNG);
  16. Bug fixed on Mesh scale (appearing in black);
  17. Bug fixed on Screenshots (off-screen renders);
  18. Bug fixed on Orthographic projection (NGLCamera);
Version 0.9.2 : Sun, Sep 11 2011
  1. New Interactive API.
    • Camera auto adjust to device orientation.
    • Draw directly to an image (UIImage), texture (NGLTexture) or data (NSData as image format).
  2. New Tween API.
    • Create tweens to move any scalar properties of your objects.
    • Use predefined ease functions or create your own ease equation.
  3. The new copying methods "copy" and "copyInstance".
  4. NGLTexture also accepts UIImage instances.
  5. Major improvements on render cycle.
  6. Major improvements on Shaders.
  7. Automatically Handles background application.
  8. Some changes on methods and classes' names.
  9. The Frame Rate (FPS) becomes a global property.
  10. Import settings also have global properties.
  11. Full remake of NinevehGL Docs
  12. Bug fixed on textures with spaces in OBJ files.
  13. Bug fixed on "minimum" values of the NGLMesh's BoundingBox.
  14. Bug fixed on transparent NGLView (RGBA).
  15. Bug fixed on Collada files from XSI.
  16. Bug fixed on reinitializing the same NGLView (the objects was not appearing again).
Version 0.9.1 : Tue, Jun 28 2011
  1. "Flickering Mesh" bug fix.
  2. Small optimization in fragment shaders.
Version 0.9.0 : Wed, Jun 22 2011
  1. NinevehGL goes public - Beta 0.9.0.

NinevehGL is a 3D engine built right on top of OpenGL ES and it uses all the programmable pipeline power, making it easy for you to create great application with shaders.

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