Conforms to NSObject
Declared in NGLView.h


The delegate protocol to NGLView.

This protocol defines the necessary methods for a delegation instance of NGLView. As many Cocoa classes, the delegation is a concept that let other classes control some actions and receive the callback rather than the original class. All that the other classes need to do is conforms to the delegate protocol.

In this case, the NGLViewDelegate delegates the drawing routine. By doing so, you can make your drawing changes from another class, like an UIViewController, for example.


  • – drawView

    Method called at each render cycle.

    required method

Instance Methods


Method called at each render cycle.

- (void)drawView


Method called at each render cycle.

Place all your drawing commands inside this method. NinevehGL drawing is done by using cameras. For each camera you want to draw, call its drawView method. Each camera called inside this method will produce its resulting image into the correspondent NGLView.

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