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NinevehGL is a 3D engine forged with pure Obj-C.
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All the issues marked as SOLVED was already fixed and will be available to download on the next update. Everything else is under investigation and can not be fixed until the next update.

IMPORTANT: If you need with urgency to use fixed version of these issues, please, contact us and we'll send you a new binary file.

The UIImage and NGLTexture doesn't seems to work properly - SOLVED
Wed, Apr 11 2012

The NGLTexture with UIImage doesn't work equals loading a file. Besides memory warnings appear some times.

Does NinevehGL no longer supports iOS 4.x? - SOLVED
Sun, Apr 15 2012

We have no plans to support old versions of iOS. However, due to many people asking, we've created a system to identify the running version of iOS and if it's an old version, the NinevehGL will run but with the limitations of that iOS.

The mesh flickers when "compileCoreMesh" is called - SOLVED
Fri, Mar 09 2012

Flickering during the async process of compiling mesh, it should not be as that.

Custom shaders are not updating my Attributes/Uniforms - SOLVED
Mon, Apr 02 2012

When creating a custom shader and binding Attributes and/or Uniforms using NGLShaders, the values are not being updated.

The alpha from PNG files is not being respected - SOLVED
Sat, Dec 10 2011

The alpha blending is not happening, specially from PNG files.

Scaling big meshes produces black pixels - SOLVED
Wed, Nov 23 2011

When a mesh is imported without normalization and it's scaled, the result is a black image.

Compiler linker error when using Obj-C++ or C++ - SOLVED
Tue, Nov 1 2011

When using .mm or .cpp files in the project, the compiler fails with NinevehGL linker errors.

NinevehGL render looks blurred in Retina display - SOLVED
Tue, Oct 13 2011

Even setting contentScaleFactor to 2.0 the render looks blurred.

Compiling to device, an error appears to architecture armv6 - SOLVED
Tue, Sep 27 2011

Xcode 4.2 doesn't offer support to armv6 architecture by default and NinevehGL 0.9.2 neither.

An error appears when the light is OFF and a mesh has Normals - SOLVED
Sun, Sep 25 2011

On the console panel, an error comes up when the lights are turned off and the mesh has Normals.

Strange behavior on mesh's materials, sometimes - SOLVED
Sun, Sep 25 2011

Material desapears, sometimes, when no material is set or the surface's "identifier" was not defined.

Resume NGLTween makes it restart - SOLVED
Fri, Sep 23 2011

When animating with NGLTween, after a pause, resume makes the animation restart from begining or from the last cycle.

"Screenshot" looks strange in landscape orientation - SOLVED
Fri, Sep 16 2011

drawToImage, drawToTexture, drawToData: generates strange results in landscape while the device is in landscape mode.

"Screenshot" does not work with Multisample/Antialias - SOLVED
Thu, Sep 15 2011

drawToImage, drawToTexture, drawToData: does not work if the antialiasSamples is turned on (more than 0).

Objects don't appear with Orthographic projection - SOLVED
Wed, Sep 14 2011

When using NGLCamera with Orthographic lenses (Orthographic projection), the objects don't appear.

Reusing a NGLView hides the objects - SOLVED
Wed, Aug 31 2011

When reusing a NGLView, like in a navigation view controller, the objects don't appear at the second time.

Collada files from XSI - SOLVED
Thu, Aug 25 2011

Doesn't load Collada files (.dae) exported from XSI software.

Mon, Aug 22 2011

There is no effect when changing global color format to RGBA.

Textures' names with white spaces - SOLVED
Sat, Aug 20 2011

Doesn't understand textures' names with white spaces when importing OBJ files.

Transparent NGLView - SOLVED
Sat, Aug 20 2011

NGLView is not transparent, even setting the global color format to RGBA and global color to an alpha color.

Flickering Mesh - SOLVED
Thu, Jul 28 2011

Mesh start flickering on far distances.


NinevehGL is a 3D engine built right on top of OpenGL ES and it uses all the programmable pipeline power, making it easy for you to create great application with shaders.

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