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vuforia 3D video playback
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Thu, Feb 20 2014


I want to use NinevehGL in an Augmented Reality App I'm going to write with vuforia. I think NinevehGL is really awesome in connection with vuforia because of the easy loading and rendering of 3d models in particular.
Another thing I want to do in my app is playing Videos on 3d planes just like in the vuforia VideoPlayback sample and I want to know whether this is possible in connection with NinevehGL.

Basically this part of the FAQs got me thinking:
Can I use third party libs with NinevehGL? Like an Augmented Reality lib?

A: Yes, but it depends on what kind of information your third party lib needs. For example, if the lib needs only matrices or spacial location it's OK, you can pass those informations by calling a method on your NGLMesh instance. However, if your third party lib needs something deep in OpenGL pipeline, like framebuffers, then you can't use this lib with NinevehGL, because all the OpenGL structure is under the surface in NinevehGL.

From looking at the vuforia samples my basic understanding is, that I need to convert the video frame-by-frame to an OpenGL Texture and upload it on a 3D plane. Can this be done in connection with NinevehGL ? I'm wondering since there is no renderFrameQCAR method like in vuforia...

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Posts: 571


Fri, Feb 28 2014

In response to: @alexhaberschlac


Yes, you can. There is one AR example inside the NinevehGL that includes Vuforia SDK.

About the video stuff, I'm not sure if it'll achieve the performance you want. To achieve such thing, there are a lot of pre-rendered routines that you should do to optimize the video conversion into OpenGL textures and NinevehGL pretends to take care of the texture process for you, however it is not prepared yet to do such thing.
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NinevehGL is a 3D engine built right on top of OpenGL ES and it uses all the programmable pipeline power, making it easy for you to create great application with shaders.

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