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Using NinevehGL with CMMotionManager
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Posts: 2


Sun, Apr 14 2013

Is this possible? What I've done is created a 3D marble using Blender and imported it into an app using NinevehGL. What I want to do is have the marble roll around the screen as the device is tilted back and forth, up and down using incoming data from the accelerometer. I'm a novice to both 3D animation and CMMotionManager, although I've done a number of Mac apps, so not a total novice, just unclear as I might handle this, if its at all possible.
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Posts: 571


Sun, Apr 14 2013

In response to: @lorenzopt


Take a look at the sample project called "Panorama".
Sure you can. As everything you need is a X, Y and/or Z coordinates.

Of course, as you will see in the sample project, you must make adjusts on the incoming coordinates, to transform it from device logic space to the NinevehGL logic space.
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Posts: 2


Mon, Apr 15 2013

In response to: @dineybomfim

Thanks much, I see how that should work now.
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