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Sat, May 26 2012

Hello Everyone,

Been doing some work with Nineveh and let me just first say that it's super awesome and has saved me a ton of tome on some client work! Awesome.

I was just curious. I have a model provided by the client in the blender format. I saved it as a .obj and imported it using Nineveh and I can pan around it and stuff and it works! Great. Doing this by hand in GLKit was a huge pain!

The "scene" uses transparency in such a way so that there are models adding depth over a painting, but so you can still see the "painting" which is textured on the a plane behind a 3D piece..

I finally figured out that you need to use RGBA to see the transparency in action.. but it seems like it's not necessarily making whatever is "behind" it come through.. it's just kinda disappearing into the background color.. even if there is something "behind" it.

I hope this makes sense.. I might be able to find a screenshot to post to make it more clear, but I'm trying to keep my client's art confidential. Maybe i'll try to recreate it using other objects.

I'm mostly just posting to start a conversation about what I might try and the correct language to use to even discuss it. Does any of this make sense? I'm pretty new to OpenGL, but not iOS. NGL has really made diving in fun!

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Sun, May 27 2012

In response to: @cschep

Hello dude,

You're probably facing two behaviors of NinevehGL, the transparency and the camera clipping:

  • Transparency: Maybe you already figured out how to do it, bu just make sure you have this scenario clear in your mind - (http://nineveh.gl/community/faq/)
  • As you know, any 3D camera has a Field of View (FOV). This is a way to simulate the human's eye behavior, any object outside this FOV (or part of them) will not be rendered, clipped out. So the default "Far Plane" (property of the Camera's FOV) is 500.0 by default. If your object is being clipped far far away, just increase this value (farPlane property on NGLCamera)

Hope this helps,

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NinevehGL is a 3D engine built right on top of OpenGL ES and it uses all the programmable pipeline power, making it easy for you to create great application with shaders.

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