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Transforming Parts of a Mesh and Many Instances of the Same Mesh
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Fri, Sep 13 2013

I have two questions to ask:

1. In my scene I need to have many models repeated many times. If I load [NGLMesh alloc] initWithFile:@"Model.obj" with the same file for every single model will it reload it every time and waste space, or will it load it once and just reference the same data for every instance?

2. I have a model of a cannon I made that contains 2 sub-meshes, the stand and the barrel. When I import my model I want to be able to pivot the barrel separately from the stand, but I don't want to store it in two separate OBJ files. How can I get the mesh part by name and modify it?

Also, if I had many instances of the same model loaded, would this affect all of them?

Any help is greatly appreciated
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Sat, Sep 14 2013

In response to: @JadeonIsAwesome

Hello buddy,

1 - NinevehGL will only use the original file once, after that it will create a binary copy called NinevehGL Binary File, it loads up to 960X faster than the original one. However allocating and loading the file again, in the code, means explicit that you really want to allocate a completely new memory for that, this what "alloc" code means. However, if you want to clone the meshes, using as shared memory as possible, use the "copyInstance" methods, this reason of NGLCopying protocol.

2 - Nope. Unfortunately the current version just have a single relation between one file - one mesh. But such feature is already in our pipeline.
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NinevehGL is a 3D engine built right on top of OpenGL ES and it uses all the programmable pipeline power, making it easy for you to create great application with shaders.

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