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Progress Blocks for NGLMesh Loading
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Posts: 41


Mon, Jun 11 2012

One useful feature I tend to employ in my own loading sequences is the inclusion of progress blocks that get called every time a major progress update is made. For example, I use another SDK that has to do with downloading images from my server. This SDK employs a method that allows you to provide both a completion block and a progress block for the download, Ex:

The class is called a "PFFile" and the method to get it's data is done by calling it's get data in background method like so:

PFFile *myFile;
[myFile getDataInBackgroundWithBlock:^(NSData *data, NSError *error) {

} progressBlock:^(int percentDone) {


I was thinking it would be a great feature to have in NinevehGL for mesh loading, like so;

NGLMesh *myMesh = [[NGLMesh alloc] initWithFile:@"myFile" settings:nil delegate:self inBackgroundWithBlock:^(NGLMesh *finalMesh, NSError *error) {

} progressBlock:^(int percentDone) {


In this way, we don't even require the delegate methods at all and we get the added benefit of being able to perform actions on the mesh AS it is loaded. A perfect example would be loading a level for a game comprised of many NGLMeshs. We could simply do something like this:

//Example array containing all of the paths for each NGLMesh in the current level
NSMutableArray *levelMeshs = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
[levelMeshs addObject: @"skybox"];
[levelMeshs addObject: @"raceTrack"];
[levelMeshs addObject: @"terrain"];
[levelMeshs addObject: @"building01"];
[levelMeshs addObject: @"building02"];

NGLCamera *camera = [[NGLCamera alloc] init];

UIProgressView *progressBar = [[UIProgressView alloc] init];

int totalMeshsLoaded = 0;

for (NSString *meshPath in levelMeshs) {

NGLMesh *myMesh = [[NGLMesh alloc] initWithFile:meshPath settings:nil delegate:self inBackgroundWithBlock:^(NGLMesh *finalMesh, NSError *error) {

totalMeshsLoaded ;
[camera addMesh: finalMesh];

if (totalMeshsLoaded > [levelMeshs count]) {

//All meshs are loaded, start game


} progressBlock:^(int percentDone) {

//Increase the progress so the user knows something is happening
progressBar.progress = percentDone / [levelMeshs count];



This is just pseudo code but you get the idea. It makes it very easy to wrap everything up into a clean package instead of relying on the delegate methods for mesh loading. Just an idea I think would be very useful. If you dont like it, no worries ;).

- Adam Eisfeld
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Posts: 41


Mon, Jun 11 2012

In response to: @adameisfeld

For some reason my post had every occurance of PlusEquals (in symbol form) removed. So I had totalMeshsLoaded plusEquals 1, progress plusEquals ..., etc.

Strange that the Twitter API removes this combination of symbols.
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Posts: 571


Tue, Jun 12 2012

In response to: @adameisfeld

Hello Adam,

Yes, we already have plans to create a full blocks system. Just like the Cocoa does.
However this is not our priority, since we have plans to port NinevehGL to other platforms like WebGL and Android.

And blocks are something very specific to Objective-C.

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