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Problem with Storyboard & NineveyGL : image background behind NGLView
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Posts: 2


Thu, Jul 26 2012

Hello !

I currently trying to set a background image of a NGLView for example display a cube with an image behind. For now, I can only display a color but it would take a picture and that's where it gets stuck ..

My hierarchy of view is that in my Storyboard:

View Controller
      - NGLView
                  - Button UIKit

And my job

- (Void) viewDidLoad
/ / Must call to super Agree With the UIKit rules.
[Super viewDidLoad];
    self.view.multipleTouchEnabled = YES;
/ / Setting the loading process parameters. To take advantage of the NGL Binary feature,
/ / Remove the line "kNGLMeshOriginalYes, kNGLMeshKeyOriginal". Your mesh loaded Will Be 950% faster.
NSDictionary * settings = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
kNGLMeshCentralizeYes, kNGLMeshKeyCentralize,
@ "0.15", kNGLMeshKeyNormalize,

    / / Allocate the cube
_cube1 = [[NGLMesh alloc] initWithFile: @ "dice_ver2.obj" settings: settings delegate: nil];

    _cube1.tag = 1;
    / / Allocate the camera
_camera = [[NGLCamera alloc] initWithMeshes: _cube1, nil];
    [_camera AutoAdjustAspectRatio: YES animated: YES];
   _cube1.x = -0.8;
_cube1.y = 0.0;

    _cube1.rotationSpace = NGLRotationSpaceWorld;
    _cube1.rotationOrder = NGLRotationOrderYZX;
    / / Starts the debug monitor.
[[NGLDebug debugMonitor] startWithView: (NGLView *) self.view];
    nglGlobalFPS (30);
    / / NglGlobalAntialias (NGLAntialias4X);

I hope you can help me because I've tried everything and it does not work ..


L. (from France)
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Posts: 571


Thu, Jul 26 2012

In response to: @laurentcabon

Hello buddy,

Seems you can find your answer here:

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Posts: 2


Mon, Jul 30 2012

In response to: @dineybomfim


Thank you for your reply but I still have the same problem (loading an image background behind a cube..). I tried to set up a subview but the cube is no longer displayed. I also tried to set up a mesh for the image to resolve the problem but it still does not work. Can you help me again?
Why is it possible to put a color in the background, not an image?
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Posts: 571


Mon, Jul 30 2012

In response to: @laurentcabon

Hello buddy,

So, send your project via contact email and we'll tell you what is going on with your code.

The question about color VS image is simple: NinevehGL, just as with Cocoa, doesn't accept image as background, just colors... it's a concern about the how the core graphics works.

Thinking the way as core graphics works, setting a simple color is just a question of an uniform value, however setting an image involves many concerns about pixels, sizes, colors frames and bounds. All this related work generated a new class... the image view classes.

So to set a background image is easier creating a simple UIImageView and place it behind an UIView... exactly as you should do with NinevehGL.
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Posts: 16


Mon, Mar 17 2014

In response to: @laurentcabon

====Draw Image in NGLView background with nglContextEAGL===

NSURL * testImageURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"04997" withExtension:@"jpg"];
NSAssert(nil != testImageURL, @"Image not found");

CIImage * image = [CIImage imageWithContentsOfURL:testImageURL];

//Declare CIContext
if (self.ciContext==nil) {
self.ciContext = [CIContext
contextWithEAGLContext:nglContextEAGL()//<=bind nglView contextEAGl
options: @{kCIContextWorkingColorSpace:[NSNull null]} ];
[self.ciContext drawImage:image inRect:self.nglView.bounds
fromRect:[image extent]];

- (void) drawView
if (_isReady)
// Render video background and retrieve tracking state
QCAR::State state = QCAR::Renderer::getInstance().begin();
[self updateScreen];

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