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NinevehGL is a 3D engine forged with pure Obj-C.
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Tue, Sep 17 2013

I am following the community and using the framework of NinevehGL for more than one year. I really like the rich feature set and the solid quality of the library that enables the development of even commercial applications. However it seems to me that in the last year the development of the library is slowed down. It is a real pity because some time ago we could still see the future release plan in this site with a lot of exciting new features (animations, physics, etc.) and now even this page is gone. On the other hand as NinevehGL is a free library it is completely understandable that the developer(s) probably work on it in their free time and they could have other preferences. For this reason I would like to ask you, the devs, whether you are considering opening the source of NinevehGL? Starting from such a feature rich, solid code base like NinevehGL has, I am sure that an enthusiastic contributor community would rise up very soon around the library, and the development efforts could be divided between many participants and as a consequence the development of the library could speed up. This way we could share the responsibility of the future of NinevehGL between those guys who take most of the advantage of it - we, developers. What do you think?
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Mon, Nov 25 2013

In response to: @jtolgyesi

Yes, I'm concerned NinevehGL is getting a rewrite to work on other platforms. I would like the original NinevehGL written in ObjC open sourced please! This would be a tragic waste if we lost the elegance of a pure ObjC language implementation. I really hope for modern ObjC language features such as blocks, categories (delegates), as a cornerstone of this engine.
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Wed, Feb 5 2014

In response to: @otri

I recently wrote Diney an email and asked this question. Could we open source it? Specifically I'm most interested in the .obj importing functions and would like to be able to do this on the mac platform.

I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than just recompiling the library for mac os.

I've been looking at scene kit as a way to do what I want.. which basically is just to be able to bring in a .obj file, texture it, and save it out in a format that I can then use in my iOS apps.

It's too bad because he (they?) have put a LOT of work into this engine. I hate to see it become obsolete.

My email address is michael@badweasel.com. I include it here because this forum software doesn't seem to have any notifications features. Feel free to email me direct.

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Thu, Feb 6 2014

In response to: @badweasel

Hello buddy,

About the forum, it's the opposite you think.
The Tweetforum is exactly to you receive a new tweet to every thread you follow on every new activity. By default just the threads you open has this option turned ON by default. In the other topics you must click on "Follow" (at the top) to being notified at every new post.

About the engine, it's not dead yet, otherwise we had been turned off the website and forum.
The NinevehGL is more like in an hibernate state right now. If it come alive again, you can be sure that it will be working in both iOS and Mac right away.
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Thu, Feb 6 2014

In response to: @dineybomfim

Ahh yes. I did get the twitter response.

Thanks for weighing in Diney. I'm glad the engine is alive and well. Looking forward to what ever is next. I want to be the first to know.

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NinevehGL is a 3D engine built right on top of OpenGL ES and it uses all the programmable pipeline power, making it easy for you to create great application with shaders.

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