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NGLCamera Orthographic Lens Help
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Posts: 41


Mon, Jun 25 2012


I'm having some trouble getting orthographic camera to work properly in my app. I'm attempting to allow the user to switch between perspective and orthographic mode, however when going into orthographic mode the camera zooms in extremely close.

The strange thing is, I cant seem to zoom to the camera back out once in orthographic mode. Something as simple as calling NGLMoveBackward on the camera with a large value either before or after switching the camera's lens to orthographic yields the same result as not moving the camera at all. Furthermore my methodology for zooming the camera out (via pinching, which works perfectly in perspective mode) also stops working (pinching does not move the camera in or out at all).

Am I doing something wrong? All I'm doing is this right now:

- (IBAction)clickedIsometricView:(id)sender

if (cameraMode == 0) {
cameraMode = 1;
[camera lensOrthographic:glView.frame.size.width/glView.frame.size.height near:0.01 far:10000];

} else {
cameraMode = 0;
[camera lensPerspective:glView.frame.size.width/glView.frame.size.height near:0.01 far:10000 angle:45];


A simple IBAction connected to a button to toggle the camera's lens. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

- Adam Eisfeld
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Posts: 41


Mon, Jun 25 2012

In response to: @adameisfeld

I have now read online (in some OpenGL documentation) that using orthographic rendering does indeed stop the camera distance from affecting how things are drawn. This is a problem for me as I would like the orthographic projection style, but with the ability to zoom the camera in or out. Is this possible within Nineveh GL? From what I've read this is accomplished by changing the "scene bounding box" instead.

Again any help is greatly appreciated,
- Adam Eisfeld

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Posts: 571


Mon, Jun 25 2012

In response to: @adameisfeld

Hello Adam,

The orthographic camera doesn't have any relation with the distance. So, when using it, movements on the camera will take no effects.

The "zoom" feature is something that many people are missing and we've made it, so in the very next version you will have the zoom property in the camera.
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Posts: 41


Mon, Jun 25 2012

In response to: @dineybomfim

Sounds great, I look forward to it.
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