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iOS custom target(marker) image
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Posts: 2


Sun, Sep 21 2014


I'm trying to change marker to my own image on Augmented Reality sample.

I created my custom image marker on Vuforia's Target Manager/Device Databases and downloaded it from there (I have .xml and .dat file). Then I put them to where NGLAR.xml file is, it didn't work. So I tried to put them any other directory on project directory. Nothing works.

This is the line of code where the sample stops, it gives EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0) .

dataSet->load([@"GALATA.xml" cStringUsingEncoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding], QCAR::DataSet::STORAGE_APPRESOURCE);

That means it can access it. But if I write a random name abc.xml for example. Which is it not in project directory. The sample compiles and opens. From this I understood that I'm missing something but I can't figure it out.

Is there something that I'm doing wrong? Can you explain it to me.


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Posts: 4


Fri, Dec 5 2014

In response to: @mkeremkeskin

I met the same problem and still stuck there.

I tried my database in Vuforia examples and it works fine.

So didn't have a clue yet. Looks for help.
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Mon, Feb 23 2015

In response to: @mkeremkeskin

Hi @mkeremkeskin - I'm having exactly the same issue as you describe here. Did you ever find a resolution for this problem?

Changing the parameter for the XML filename to something random allows the code to run, however a message appears in the output stating that the file could not be found. I'm guessing that the issue is during the loading of the .dat file itself, perhaps newer versions of the .dat files are incompatible with the version of Vuforia in NinevehGL?

If you did find a solution, would you mind posting it here please?


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Posts: 2


Tue, Feb 24 2015

In response to: @TomFromThePool

Hi, Tom i found the solution I'm pasting it below. It was two months ago maybe somethings has changed i didn't know about if there is that its yours to find

The newly generated image targets from Vuforia website works on just Vuforia SDK 3. So I upgraded the version in ninevehgl AR example. I changed library and headers also the code need some changes. Some linker flags should be added to the project also that was the part struggles me.

This was the explanation for what I did. But right know I can't remember the code changes and the linker flags. I have dig them up from Vuforia forums.

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