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Hide/Show some parts of a mesh
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Posts: 13


Mon, Aug 6 2012

Hey guys!

I have a little problem understanding the way a group of meshes is handled by the engine. I have a big obj or dae containing several building modeles. I'd like to show or hide some buildings in these dae or obj, but I can't find the methods to do that? Is there a way to do that? Because it would be easier than making several obj or dae.
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Posts: 571


Mon, Aug 6 2012

In response to: @Climbatize84

Hello man,

Easy, here is the deal:

  • Each 3D files become a single NGLMesh.
  • Each material group inside the 3D files become a NGLSurface, which has a correlated NGLMaterial.

So, if in your file, each building has a material, you can fetch its material by name, using http://nineveh.gl/docs/Classes/NGLMaterialMulti.html#//api/name/materialWithName:

Using the material you can change the alpha or other things.
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Posts: 13


Mon, Aug 6 2012

In response to: @dineybomfim

Nice! it could be the perfect solution, except that I can't manage Alpha with Augmented Reality

Let's hope Qualcomm enhance their librairy
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Sun, Dec 16 2012

In response to: @dineybomfim

Hi, I'm new to ninevehGL and still learning and want to clarify things for me.

In my case I wanted to select a node of my mesh and then change for example the color of this subpart of my hole mesh (similar to what Climbatize84 wanted)
a while ago you wrote about groups in the mesh file at db-ib.com "The best solution is:
Export each object from the same group to an individual file. Like the floor to a file, the wall to another one, the houses to another file, and so on…"
So is this still the best thing do to? or is there a possibility to select a group or there subgroups?

What you suggested here is to give any subgroup a different material (at least a different material-name) and use this for selecting the parts of a mesh?
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Posts: 571


Mon, Dec 17 2012

In response to: @derpruem


Yes. But NinevehGL parses each file as a single mesh. The way it separates the mesh is by its material. Each material becomes a NGLSurface instance, which can be manipulated as you wish.

For instance, your original mesh has 4 materials named as: "Material-1", "Material-2", "Material-3", "Material-4".

After importing it, you can retrieve each individual material by its names and change the colors as you wish.
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