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Fade in/out animation
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Posts: 71


Mon, Jul 30 2012

Hi , I was wondering how can I create fade in/out animation for a mesh ?
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Posts: 571


Mon, Jul 30 2012

In response to: @Momeks

Use the NGLTween to animate the "alpha" property of NGLMaterial instances.
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Posts: 71


Wed, Aug 1 2012

In response to: @dineybomfim

is this right way ?:D

  NSDictionary *tween;
tween = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
kNGLTweenRepeatMirrorEase, kNGLTweenKeyRepeatCount,@"1.0",

NGLMaterial *material = [NGLMaterial material];
[material setAlpha:0];
_mesh.material = material;

[NGLTween tweenTo:tween duration:1.0f target:_mesh];
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Posts: 571


Thu, Aug 2 2012

In response to: @Momeks

No, this will not work.

// The following tween will:
// 1 - Make a loop tween, mirroring the animation.
// 2 - Repeat the loop 1 time.
// 3 - Set alpha property to 0.0
NSDictionary *tween = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
kNGLTweenRepeatMirrorEase, kNGLTweenKeyRepeat,
@"1", kNGLTweenKeyRepeatCount,
@"0.0", @"alpha",

// Using the existing material.
NGLMaterial *material = [(NGLMaterialMulti *)_mesh.material materialAtIndex:0];

// Or creating a new material.
NGLMaterial *material = [NGLMaterial material];
_mesh.material = material;

// tweenFrom will make the reversed tween, that means,
// tween will be from dictionary values to the current state.
[NGLTween tweenFrom:tween duration:1.0f target:material];


I'm sorry for that buddy, my fault...

This will not be possible with the current version, only for the next version.
In the current version the material will not be updated without a call to "compileCoreMesh".

But keep this information, this will work fine with the next release.
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