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Centralize a NGLGroup3D
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Posts: 27


Wed, Jul 31 2013

I would like to centralize a NGLGroup3D. How would I do this?

Also, using kNGLMeshCentralize on the mesh is not an option. I have a group of many meshes and they fit together in a specific way. If I centralize each one they of course end up in the center of the screen, piled on top of one another in a bizarre heap.

Why, you may ask, is the group not already centralized? We received these meshes from a customer in step file form and the customer was not kind enough to centralize them. We can go back to the originals and try to do that first if we must, but I would love to find a way to centralize the NGLGroup3D instead. It would save a lot of work.

So, is this possible? Thanks!
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Posts: 571


Thu, Aug 1 2013

In response to: @sashah_t


You'll need to make a work around.
Bounding box is what you're looking for.

You take the bouding box after the loading finish. Calculate the center of that box and make the necessary translation to place the bouding box in the center of the screen.

Each mesh has its own bouding box.
If you're using a NGLGroup3D, maybe you'll need to call a hidden method to update the bounding box of the group (yes, this is bug, it should calculate it automatically instead).

[myGroup performSelector:@selector(defineBoundingBox)];
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Posts: 27


Thu, Aug 1 2013

In response to: @dineybomfim

Hi again,

This feels like it could be the answer, but I am having trouble executing it.
The line you gave above is indeed helpful for making the bounding box behave, thank you.

I calculated the center of the bounding box using
CGPoint boxCenter = CGPointMake((_mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.volume[6].x - _mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.volume[5].x)/2, (_mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.volume[4].y - _mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.volume[5].y)/2);

And I have tried several solutions to move the box to the center of the screen with no luck.

1. I tried to compare it to the screen center, but the two are apparently on a different scale so
CGPoint screenCenter = CGPointMake((self.view.frame.size.width / 2), (self.view.frame.size.height / 2));
[_mesh3DGroup translateRelativeToX:screenCenter.x - boxCenter.x toY:screenCenter.y - boxCenter.y toZ:0];
did not work at all.

2. I tried just moving the center point to zero on the bounding box calculations using
[_mesh3DGroup translateRelativeToX:-boxCenter.x toY:-boxCenter.y toZ:0];
but this seems to move the group even if it is already centered.

3. I tried using the difference between the min and max values for the bounding box
[_mesh3DGroup translateToX:(_mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.aligned.min.x - _mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.aligned.max.x) toY:(_mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.aligned.min.y - _mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.aligned.max.y) toZ:(_mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.aligned.min.z - _mesh3DGroup.boundingBox.aligned.max.z)];

4. I tried to set all translations to zero
[_mesh3DGroup translateToX:0 toY:0 toZ:0];
which had no effect at all on the mesh.

I don't think I fully understand how to correlate between the center of the bounding box and the center of the ipad screen. Could you give me further guidance on this matter?

I hope I am not going about this all wrong. Thanks again!
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Posts: 571


Mon, Aug 5 2013

In response to: @sashah_t

Hello buddy,

You're doing almost everything right, except one thing, in your case, I don't believe you should use the "volume". You should use the "aligned" property and get the min/max properties.

They will instruct you about the maximum and minimum values in all the coordinates. So you can get max.x and min.x to find the the middle value.
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