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The NinevehGL Forum uses a new concept of "socialized forum" or as we like to say "Tweet Forum".

Here is the deal:
  1. No new registration is required. Just sign in with your Twitter account and authorize the NinevehGL Forum.
  2. Once you’re in, you'll be able to "Follow a Thread", that means every time that thread receive a new post or update you'll receive a mention on your twitter.
  3. Besides, you can enable "Auto Share", then every new post and/or thread you make will be tweeted on your timeline. (By default, auto-share is enabled only for your threads)

Forum Rules:

1. We understand human comunication can become "hot" sometimes. So some insults and bad words ARE allowed. Just don't push too much being an asshole all the time.

2. SPAMMERS are not allowed. There are penalties for this kind of user and they can be banned forever.

3. You can report other users, if you judge necessary. An user reported many times by many people can also be banned forever. However you can also receive penalties for report deliberately for no apparent reason.

If there is a similar thread title, make sure the other one doesn't already have the answer you're looking for.

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NinevehGL is a 3D engine forged with pure Obj-C.
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A "Tweet Forum"... WTF?
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Mon, May 14 2012

Hello everybody,

Welcome to our forum, here will be our place to any discussion involving NinevehGL and the 3D world, specially the things related to iOS.

First off, I wanna to explain what the hell is "Tweet Forum".

Tweet Forum
This is our idea of "keep it simple". So the concept is so simple as the name suggest:
You can choose threads to Follow. When the thread receive a new post you'll be notified in your twitter.

Simple as that!

You have some other cool features too, like "Auto Share Threads" and/or "Auto Share Posts" you make, you don't need to make any new register, just sign-in using your Twitter.

How it works?
After the sign-in you can access your profile page. There you'll find information about your activity in the forum and also information about the feedback from others.

In your profile page you can enable/disable the forum features. For example, if you're following 8 threads but don't want to receive Twitter mentions for a while, you can just disable the "Follow Feature" and your following data will not be lost.

The Rules
Well, we don't like this word anyway. "Rules" sounds like an old man speaking about how the things should be, really a pain in the ass.

So the great Rule is: "There's no Rule!"

So everyone can say anything?...

As we say in the sign-in message, we believe that insults and bad words are part of the human communication, so all that shit IS allowed here. Of course we have a penalty system that can be applied to very inconvenient users, but in the most of the time, we'll let you guys free to say anything you want.

Oh, and one thing, SPAMMERS will be banned, but you already knew that.

Sharing Photos and Files
The NinevehGL doesn't support file uploads, but today you can easily find many free server to host files or photos.

Of course the best choice is that server with personal account, like http://www.dropbox.com

But if you want other solutions...

To files, our indication is:
Very easy to use and don't even need account. Just drag and drop your files then copy the final URL.

To images, our indication is:
But this one requires a little register (email).

That's it guys!

Feel free to ask and post anything you want.
Express your selves, insult us, say that NinevehGL is a shit! We really want to hear, because if you waste your time just to say something, so it's because there is something inside you that expect something from us and we'll discover what is that!

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Wed, Jun 6 2012

In response to: @ninevehgl

Thanks. I deleted my Twitter account two months ago, in order to "keep things simple" :] I had to make a new one to join your forum.
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Posts: 27


Wed, Dec 26 2012

In response to: @ninevehgl

I dont get email notifications even though I am following this thread.. Am I doing something wrong?
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Sat, Aug 31 2013

In response to: @ninevehgl

There is a one little bug on forum.

I guess,

Let me explain,

if i posted to a thread using a Twitter account like "@ABC". and then if i rename this account "@ABC" to @"CBA" or delete. that thread looks like this:


Great work on NinevehGL!

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Posts: 571


Sat, Aug 31 2013

In response to: @Emre_O_o


Nice bug report! Thanks for showing it.
We'll fix it.
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NinevehGL is a 3D engine built right on top of OpenGL ES and it uses all the programmable pipeline power, making it easy for you to create great application with shaders.

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