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3D object sometimes suffer flickering
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Posts: 6


Wed, May 22 2013

Hi all,
I'm developing an iPad app using this fantastic 3D framework.

My 3D view is showing a 3D object, and the user can rotate an zooming with gestures.

All is working, but I see a flickering effect sometimes, when I move the object.

The operation made in code are in the drawView:
1) rotation of the object:

_mesh.rotateY = rotateX;
_mesh.rotateX = rotateY;

2) translation of the camera:

[_camera translateRelativeToX:0 toY:0 toZ:zoom];

3) [_camera drawCamera];

Some stuff methods are used with gesture recognition, for changing the parameters of zoom and rotation.

Global settings are:

nglGlobalColor((NGLvec4){255.0f/255.0f, 255.0f/255.0f, 255.0f/255.0f, 1.0f}); // white background
nglGlobalColorFormat(NGLColorFormatRGBA); // for transparency
nglGlobalLightEffects(NGLLightEffectsOFF); // no light effects
nglGlobalAntialias(NGLAntialias4X); // antialias ON


Have you some advices? Thank you

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Posts: 6


Wed, May 22 2013


I notice that if I disable multithreading with


the flickering effect disappear.

is mutithreading allowing to draw empty screen?
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Posts: 571


Wed, May 22 2013

In response to: @LeonardoBenini1


Hard to say what is going on with your tests. Where you see the flick? Simulator or device?
First time someone see such thing in years. I advice you to send us your project via email for investigation.
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